Book Cover: Serial Murderers and Their Victims

Serial Murderers and Their Victims

5th Edition
Thomson/Wadsworth Publishing Company (ITP)
Belmont, California. (2010).
410 pgs.

The Myth of A Psychiatric Crime Wave: Public Perception, Juror Research and Mental Illness

Corey Vitello, co-author.
Carolina Academic Press, Durham, North Carolina,  (2006)
250 pgs.  

Book cover: Sex Crimes and Paraphilia

Sex Crimes and Paraphilia

Editor, Prentice-Hall Publisher,
Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. (2006).
550 pgs.    

Book Cover: Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime

Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime

Editor, Sage Publishers, Thousand Oaks, CA. (2003) 
550 pgs.

Controversial Issues in Criminology

Allyn and Bacon Publishers, Boston, MA
Co-editor: Dr. John Fuller. (1999).
256 pgs.

Book Chapters

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Society: A reader, edited by Matthew Silberman, Upper Saddle River, NJ:
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 On Crime, edited by Paul Cromwell, Los Angeles, CA: Roxbury Publishers, 2002.

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Works In Progress

Serial Murderers and Their Victims, 6th Edition, Thomson/Wadsworth Publishing Company (ITP), Belmont, California. (2012). 450 pgs.

The Crib, my first novel.

Other Publications

Personality Characteristics and Behavior of Violent Criminals. A manual developed for
 California P.O.S.T. Homicide Investigation courses. Sacramento, CA  January, 2005. Co-
author: Gary Lowe, LCSW.

Instructors Manual and Test Bank (345 pg.) for Senna and Siegel's Introduction to Criminal Justice, 5th edition, West Publishing Company, Jan. 1990.