Dr. Hickey has been featured in various documentaries, and he has been the subject of television and radio talk show interviews.


Dr. Hickey's research in criminal psychology is featured in various documentaries:

  • A&E Documentaries: Amityville Mass Murder: A Forensic Psychological Autopsy, Summer, 2011.
  • CBC News – The National: Col. Russell Williams, Psychopathic Sexual  Predator. March 07, 2010.
  • CNN The Atlanta Child Murders: Black Serial Killers June, 2010, Atlanta, GA 
  • Japanese Television: Measuring the Utility and Impact of Three Strike Laws in the United States. October, 2009
  • History Channel: Death Mask Investigations: Authenticating  Napoleon Bonaparte, Dream Wild Productions, October, 2009
  • Discovery Channel Investigations: Psychopathic Female Killers: The Martha  Rudin Case, January, 2009
  • Discovery Channel: Wicked Attractions series: The Hippie Killers, November, 2008
  •  WE Channel: Black Widows: Explaining Women Who Kill Their Husbands,  May 22, 2007
  • National Geographic: The Real Spartacus: Examining the Mindset of a Rebel, October, 2005
  • Discovery Channel: Mummy Autopsies: Explaining Death, April, 2005
  • A&E Biography The Scott Petersen Story, Fall, 2004.
  • Court T.V. – The Elite: The New Profilers, May 2002.
  • The Learning Channel and Cronkite-Ward Productions, Understanding Murder, An examination of the etiology of murder. August, 2001.
  • Court T.V., Profiles of Stalkers, Oct. 2000.
  • Court T.V. - The Psychology of Serial Murderers. A documentary on profiling multiple murderers. August 2000.
  • Court T.V.  – Anatomy of Crime. A documentary on the minds of serial killers. November, 1999.
  • Court T.V. – Anatomy of Crime. A documentary on the insanity defense. October, 1999.
  • A&E – Love on the Internet. A documentary on Internet relationships and cyberstalking. September, 1999
  • 20/20 – Documentary on the traumatizations of jurors serving on the trial of Charles Ng., August, 1999
  • 48 Hours--. Television special on stalking. February, 1998.
  • 20/20--The Psychopathology of Charles Ng.  February, 1998.
  • British Broadcasting Corporation - London, England, - Hunt for the Unabomber, April, 1996  
  • British Broadcasting Corporation - To Kill and Kill Again, – Exploring the Jeffrey Dahmer case. Also aired on The Learning Channel in the United States, 1995.
  • CNN Special Reports-- Murder By Number, a two-part documentary explaining the phenomenon of serial murder, 1994.

Television, Radio, Popular Press and Community Speakers Bureau

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APR (Australian Public Radio); BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System); CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

TV series:      Appeared in the pilot of Predators, a new reality based docu-drama that brings to
                       the screen the minds of violent offenders and the lives of victims. (Summer, 2005)
                       Presented at The National Association of Professional Television Executives
                       (NAPTE) in New Orleans.    

Popular Press

My research and interviews have also appeared in many magazines and news articles including:

Newsweek New York Times Atlanta Journal & Constitution
In Magazine Chicago Tribune Entre Nous (Canada)
People Magazine USA Today Toronto Star (Canada)
Cosmopolitan (England) Los Angeles Times Calgary Herald (Canada)
Veja (Brazil) Denver Post Dallas Observer
Tokyo Press (Japan) MaCleans Magazine Pravda Daily (Slovak Republic)

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